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Welcome to esm designs on-line Consignment Shoppe! 

I have designed this Shoppe to be an alternative to auction sales.  While auctions are a terrific outlet for selling merchandise, not everything belongs there!

We all have great items in our homes we need to part with that might not have those "name" brands on the tags or as the manufacturer.  They are in excellent condition, have many years of pleasure they can provide, but may not bring the maximum value potential through auction sales.  They may be items that a select few are searching for.  Check out "Let's Go Shopping" and see what I am talking about.

Do you have a few of these items?  Let's list them here!

Call me at 248.225.6669 or email me at elizabeth@esmdesigns.net for more details. 

You can't beat the cost:


$5.00 listing fee per item


15% commission on gross sale


Pay Pal payment processing fees - 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction.

If an item doesn't sell, you have several options:


You can choose to have esm designs donate the items to a local charity, "St. Vincent de Paul", in your name.  We will send you the receipt for tax purposes,


You can choose to have esm designs send the items back to you at your expense.

The choice is yours!


    esm designs

West Bloomfield, MI  48324

Copyright 2007                                    elizabeth@esmdesigns.net

Last Updated - 27-Jan-2007